Student Accounts


The CCHSBPA Student Account can directly benefit your band student and help with band expenses.



How do I get an account and raise money for it?
Fundraising opportunities such as: Butter Braid and cookie dough sales are available through CCHSBPA for the Student Accounts (see Fundraising for more information). If you participate in these fundraising activities, an account is automatically set up and the profits will go into this account held by CCHSBPA in your student’s name. Funds from grocery certificate sales are posted after the end of each month. Funds from other sales are posted within 4 weeks from the end of the selling period. You can find out the balance in this account by looking at your Charms account.

How can the funds be used?
Funds can be used for costs which benefit the musical development of your student. In the past, parents have used this account to pay for the annual band fees, the cost of the band trips, purchasing Dinkles, new band instruments, music lessons, summer music camps and the California or Florida trip.

How do I get the money out of the account?
To be reimbursed for an expense, send a receipt to the Treasurer which shows the amount paid and a check will be sent to you. To request that the account funds be applied to the band fee, band trips or Dinkles, send an email to the Treasurer stating the amount and purpose and authorizing the transfer.

What if I can’t earn enough money before the expense is due?
You must have a positive balance in the account to spend from it. However, you can be reimbursed for band expenses even after the expense has occurred. For example, if you don’t have enough funds in your child’s account to pay for an entire band trip by the time all the payments are due, you will end up paying with personal funds.

But you can continue to fundraise for your child’s account throughout the school year and ask the Treasurer for reimbursement of the expenses once additional funds are in the account (even if it is next May!).

Who is eligible for these accounts and what happens when eligibility is over?
Active members of the Marching Band program at CCHS are eligible for a student account. This account is available as long as your child remains involved in the Marching Band and program at CCHS. It is transferrable to siblings who get involved in the Marching Band when they enroll in CCHS.

Once your child graduates or leaves the Marching Band, you will have through the end of August of that year to use the balance in your child’s account for music related expenses. Alternatively, you may choose to donate the remaining balance to the Marching Band – a choice that is extremely generous on your part and gratefully appreciated by CCHSBPA but is not tax deductible.