Marching Band Section leaders,

Welcome back to CCHS Marching Band!  For returning students, this is something you are quite familiar with; and for new members, please know that the auction is our largest fundraiser, and we so need you and your assistance!  Please reach out to your team members in your section.  We are here to assist with idea themes and the kick-off donations for each of your sections for our fabulous Auction (coming – check date of 9/28)

As you may or may not know each section of band chooses a theme and is responsible for collecting items for that basket or box to fill to be bid on at auction.  Your section might always choose the same theme or perhaps want a new one, either way, you Must send us what you choose because ahead of moving forward because we cannot have multiple sections choose the same theme.  Please send those emails to  or text 303.907.9577 and you will receive a confirmation that your theme is available.

Next, your theme of donations needs to be placed in a nice basket (if it will fit) or a wrapped up on the sides of a box (if it will fit), but basically something to make them look appeasing to the eye.  You have 2 options to get them to us:

1) bring to school and can be picked up after a practice by mom or dad Mikleton (parents of Vivian in color guard or Aurick in pit in the parking lot).  PLEASE bring to the car and if need be you can text and we will let you know who is picking up on said day with what car.

2) drop off at location of 11092 E Fair Circle, Englewood

3) those 2 options do not work, contact me and we will figure something out (

Please have your section’s items brought to school or home address by September 17th.

Possible theme ideas:

  • Get Active – sports of any or multiple kinds or just work out items – warmers, water bottles, chair, any items that would be used in a sport or watching a sport
  • Great Outdoors – camping or any outdoor items
  • Theater night – movies, popcorn, or some way to share/give streaming/ movie tickets (theaters are open)
  • Happy hour – wine and snacks, crackers and snacks and so forth
  • Sweet Tooth – do I need to say more
  • Warm and Cozy – blankets, socks, coco, candles
  • Dinner Out – gift certificates, babysitter
  • Fido and Fluffy – pet ideas
  • College room set-up
  • Caffeine is me – coffee, tea, mugs, gift certificates
  • Cool and calm – beauty items, spa items, pleasure reading
  • In a green box – gardening or other items – maybe just “green” energy items
  • In the Kitchen – cooking items – baking items
  • Mystery Box – maybe place various items in a box and no one gets to see – like a total blind item bid
  • Connect It – art like items, duct tape (because it fixes everything), ribbons, fun paper, paint and brushes, design pens or colored pencils
  • Spice It up – spices, BBQ, seasonings, sauces, mustards
  • Well just some ideas. Pick one or pick your own.  Have some fun creating a theme of desired items to bid upon.
  • LASTLY, please give us an idea of how much your section auction items amount to in order to have a beginning price to bid on.Any other questions, please do not hesitate to use contact at or 303.907.9577.

    Thank you Section Leaders!

  • Kimarie Mikleton assistant to Vien Perez, Auction Director