Hello Band Families,

Here’s what is inside this week’s update.

  1. Pep Band at Football Playoff on Friday 11/11, call @ 6:30 pm.
  2. Hollywood Trip Information from the Parent Meeting
  3. Parade Rehearsals
  4. Freddy’s Fundraiser on Wed 11/9 from 4-8 pm
  5. Parade of Lights—Save the Date 12/03
  6. State Finals Images from Breslow Imaging

Pep Band for Football Playoff Game Friday 11/11

Game @ 7 pm, Call @ 6:30 pm

Be sure to wear warm clothes. We will not be changing into uniforms.

Hollywood Trip Parent Meeting—Instructions from Mr. Libby

The itinerary is attached to this email.

 Meet at the Airport at 6:15 am. DON’T FORGET YOUR PHOTO ID!!! We will meet at the Southwest Group Desk located on level 6 (Ticketing/Departures) at the East Terminal door 607. IF YOU ARE OVER 16, THE NAME ON YOUR ID MUST MATCH THE NAME ON YOUR AIRLINE TICKET.

You must pack your own uniform (including uniform bag, shako, gauntlets, BLACK SOCKS, and Dinkles/Jazz Shoes!). Be sure to roll them, if possible, to avoid wrinkles. If you forget any part of your uniform/instrument/equipment, you will not perform in either parade. DON’T FORGET TO BRING HOME YOUR INSTRUMENT AND UNIFORM!!!

You are allowed to bring one bag to check, one carry-on, and one personal item. See Southwest Airlines’ carry-on guidelines if you have questions. If you have a large instrument (Tenor Sax and larger), you can check that as a second bag. You cannot bring extra baggage due to space limitations on the charter buses. Your checked bag must be less than 61 linear inches and weigh less than 50lbs. You will be charged an additional $50 or more (each way) for baggage that does not meet this requirement.

Every breakfast, one lunch, and one dinner will be provided. You will also be given a $35 meal card to use at Disney and a meal card to be used at Universal Studios. Be sure to bring enough money for the rest of your meals. I’d bring about $150, but I may eat less than you. Keep in mind that most of these meals will be purchased at a theme park and will be overpriced. Bring clothes for all kinds of weather–It’s been known to rain and get “cold” in Los Angeles this time of year! We’ll be spending a lot of time outside-don’t get caught unprepared.

We will use Remind to communicate with the group throughout the trip.

Clarification on Luggage & Instruments

To avoid additional baggage fees (Approximately $65 each way), the Student should adhere to the following:

Bring onboard the flight

  1. Personal Item – Must be Student Shako box  – Students can carry a wallet, ID, cell phones, etc. inside. Exception for Tubas, Pit, and Color guard (non-shako wearers).
  2. Carry-on Item – Backpack – Able to fit under the seat along with shako box

To be Checked-in

  1. Luggage Bag – 50 lb limit, must include Instrumentalist’s Garment Bag, Uniform, Performance shirt, 2-3 pairs black socks, and Dinkles. Include toiletries and clothing.
    Uniforms will be checked out to the students on Monday, November 21st
  2. Check-in Instrument – Instrumentalists can check in their instrument in the case. Harnesses, sticks/mallets & Ancillary items will be packed in cases.

Instruments during trip

Instruments are placed in a locked storage area adjacent to the hotel. A separate truck will transport instruments from the airport to the hotel storage and back to the airport.

Parade Rehearsals

Mondays:  11/14, 11/21, 4:00-5:30 pm. These rehearsals include ALL Color Guard Marching Band Members, even if you aren’t going on the trip

Freddy’s Fundraiser to Support All Bands

 Wednesday, 11/9, from 4 pm to 8 pm

Freddy’s @ 8260 South Quebec St., Centennial, CO 80111

Mention, show digitally, or bring in the flyer, and 15% of earned sales will be donated

Parade of Lights—Saturday, 12/03

  • Save the date December 3rd. The exact times and call time will be provided next week.
  • Charters Busses are reserved for the marching band for CCHS to the Parade Launch area downtown and back to CCHS.
  • Our Parade of Lights Chairpersons will need lots of volunteer help. Available slots for both the evening of Saturday, December 3rd, and times before and after the parade day to help with the battery lights attached to Marching Students. About 20-25 parents will be needed on December 3rd before the parade. Look for a sign-up genius to come with the BPA newsletter on Nov 16th.
  • Instrumentalists will not wear Shakos for the parade. However, each Student needs to have a Santa Hat, brought on the day of the parade. So, Parents, while out shopping in the next couple of weeks, please grab a Santa Hat for your Student. Color Guard attire & Prop information will be provided soon.
  • Chairpersons for the Parade of Lights will provide information in the coming weeks.
    • Penny Dwyer: penpenwa63@gmail.com,
    • Doug and Malia Heacox: Dheacox11@msn.com, heacoxcolorado@msn.com
    • Color Guard – Tina Lashbrook tinalashbrook@gmail.com, 303-478-6667


Winter Guard—Schedule will be posted ASAP

The Winter Guard season has started! If you are interested in joining the team, please contact Vicki Owens 303-717-1801 or Tina Lashbrook 303-478-6667 for more information.

The Winter Guard schedule will be posted and provided ASAP. I will post the schedule on the website as well.

Go Creek!  Go Band!

Cathy Asleson Dundon, on behalf of the CCHS BPA

2022 CCHS BPA Communications Secretary


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