The CCHSBPA is thrilled to announce the board for the upcoming 2021-2022 band season. The membership was ratified by the band directors – Tim Libby, Sara Wynes, Craig Westwood- as ex-officio members of the CCHSBPA board. We like to thank Cyndi Stahl for her leadership in serving the board this season and her willingness to help with knowledge transfer for the upcoming season. Congratulations to new and returning members!

CCHSBPA 2021-2022 Board:
President: PhuLan Olson
1st Vice-President: Lisa Kelley
2nd Vice-President: Vien Perez
Communication Secretary: Cathy Dundon
Recording Secretary: Penny Dwyer
Treasurer: Connie Bechtolt
General Board Members: Neill Kipp, Kimarie Mikleton (new), and Tim Hawthorne (new)

PhuLan Olson
2020-2021 CCHSBPA President