Did you miss your opportunity to Boldly Buy one of the unique prints from DS Art at the Band Auction?  It’s not too late!  Eighteen DS Art prints are left over from the Band Auction and are going to be sold at the Winter Band Concert on December 7th.    Don Steward of DS Art is generously donating half the proceeds of each of these prints to the CCHS Band Program!  The print size and cost is listed below, along with a link to the picture of the print on the DS Art website.
If you are interested in purchasing one of these prints before the December 7th Concert, you can contact Leanne Harper at 610-805-7484 or at leannesh@bellsouth.net and Leanne will deliver the print to you.  Payment can be made with Cash or a check made out to “CCHSBPA”.
DS Art Inventory Left Over From Auction:
Brain, Right (Art)     8×10 $20.00    http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/right-brain
Brain, Left (Engineering)     8×10 $20.00   http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/left-brain
Motorcycle (“Fast Food”)     8.5 x14 $20.00          http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/motorcycle-fast-food
Six Pack (Beer)     8.5 x14 $20.00   http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/six-pack
Tennis Shoe     8.5 x14 $20.00   http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/tennis-shoe
Jukebox             11 x 14 $20.00   http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/juke-box
Long Stem Rose’s(wine)     8.5 x14 $25.00   http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/long-stem-roses
Hiking Boot     11 x 14 $25.00   http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/hiking-boot
Sunflowers     11 x 14 $30.00   http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/sunflowers
Basketball Shoe     11 x 14 $30.00   http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/basketball
Football Helmet     12 x 12 $30.00   http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/football-helmet
Golf             12 x 16 $35.00   http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/king-of-clubs
Army Soldier     16 x 20 $40.00   http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/army-infantry
Tuba     12 x 16 $45.00   http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/tuba
Flute     15 x 22 $50.00   http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/flute
Drums     16 x 20 $75.00   http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/drums
French Horn     16 x 20 $75.00   http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/french-horn
Computer     16 x 20 $75.00   http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/computer
Also, if you are interested in any of the following DS Art musical instrument prints that were sold out at the Auction, we are placing orders for them at the Concert and they will be delivered shortly after.
Saxophone 8.5 x 14 $20.00   http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/saxophone
Trombone 15 x 22“ $50.00   http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/trombones
Clarinet         15 x 22 $50.00   http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/clarinet
Trumpet         15 x 22 $50.00   http://www.dsart.com/gallery/item/trumpet-top-brass