Student Accounts

All registered Marching Band students:  Instrumentalists and Color Guard will have a Student Account set up. The contact information is uploaded directly from the GOOGLE FORM/REGISTRATION each May when Students register for the following School Year’s Marching Band.

Student Accounts act like mini bank accounts, individual to each student. The Annual Marching Band Student Fee is invoiced, due in August of each year, and is generated from the Student Account. Payments for the Annual Fee are applied to the student-specific account. Account statements are generally issued in early August showing the new school year Marching Band Student Fee.

Student Fundraisers

If a fundraiser is designated a Student Fundraiser, the student has the opportunity to earn monies for their account, creating a credit.
Please see details on each fundraiser, as each varies in the process.

Student Account Balances

Credit balances accumulated (from fundraising credits) in the student accounts may be applied and used as follows:

  1. Applied against the Marching Band Student Fee the following year, reducing the amount required to pay in early August.
    Credits cannot offset fees retroactively.
  2. Color Guard Students may use accumulated credit amounts for required Color Guard gear when purchased by the Color Guard Director.
    Purchases usually happen in early summer.
  3. Applied toward expenses of group travel if the fundraiser is settled before the final Trip payment due date, usually 45 days before scheduled trip departure.

Note:  Students that do not re-enroll in Marching Band the following year (except Seniors) relinquish any band credits applied to the Student Account.

Graduating Seniors:  In April, before graduation, Graduating Senior Students with credits in their account can elect to either:

  • Donate their balance back to the CCHS Marching Band, providing the parents with a fully deductible donation receipt, or
  • Request to have 100% of the monies returned to parents, paid by check, and issued by April 30th.