Littleton Parade – August 18

7:45am         Call (Be in the band room with uniform and instrument at 7:45)
8:20am         Uniform Inspection and load busses
8:30am         Busses depart for Downtown Littleton
9:00am         Warm-up and basics in Gallup Park (beginning of parade)
10:00am       Parade starts
12:30pm       Parade should be over-congratulations!
1:00pm         Get Water, Load Busses and return to CCHS

Director’s Note: The parade route goes down Littleton Blvd. (from Gallup St.) and ends at Arapahoe Community College.  The directors recommend that parents park at ACC and walk to Main St./Littleton Blvd. and find a good spot to watch. General parade information can be found here.

Traditionally, the kids go out to eat after returning to CCHS.