Marching Band Parent Performance

November 7th, 2020

4:30pm at Stutler Bowl

· We are allotted two tickets per marching band member and the tickets will be given to your student on Wednesday, November 4th.

· Students arrive at Stutler at 3pm and should enter through the gate on the WEST side of the stadium (by the band truck).

· Parents should arrive at 4:00pm and enter through the gates on the EAST side of the stadium.

· Parents must present their tickets (with names written on the back on the spaces provided), answer health check questions and have temperatures taken.

· There will not be assigned seating for this event, but we ask that all audience members adhere to social distancing requirements and sit at least six feet from other families.

· Masks must be worn at all times.

The performance will be recorded and will be made available on the CCHS YouTube channel for those that are unable to attend.