Welcome back to CCHS Marching Band Section Leaders,  

The Band Auction, the largest fundraiser we have, is going to be on September 20th this year.  As Section leaders we will be relying upon you to get your section together to gather and provide your section’s “basket” for the auction. 

This is how it works

  1. Reach out to your team and pick a theme
  2. Send your choice to mikleton20@msn.com OR 303.907.9577 (call/text Kimarie Mikleton) to ensure that the theme is available (first come first taken) and receive confirmation
  3. Decide upon the amount total for your section (each member contributing)
  4. Purchase and collect items for your theme & give total amount upon delivery of items
  5. All items need to be in a nice receptacle for the items: basket, decorative box, something that makes your items “pleasing to the eye”
  6. Arrange for the “basket” to be delivered or picked up – contact mikleton20@msn.com or 303.907.9577 (call/text)
  7. Your section “basket” Must be delivered or ready for pick up by September 9th


Possible theme ideas:  Pick one or Pick your own (remember to contact Kimarie to verify availability)

  • Get Active – sports of any or multiple kinds or just work out items – warmers, water bottles, chair, any items that would be used in a sport or watching a sport 
  • Great Outdoors – camping or any outdoor items
  • Theater night – movies, popcorn, or some way to share/give streaming/ movie tickets (theaters are open)
  • Snack Time – chips, crackers, and so forth  
  • Sweet Tooth – do I need to say more
  • Warm and Cozy – blankets, socks, coco, candles 
  • Dinner Out – gift certificates, babysitter, wine glasses
  • Fido and Fluffy – pet ideas 
  • College Ready – room set-up, kitchen items, bath items, hot pot, laundry basket
  • Caffeine is me – coffee, tea, mugs, gift certificates  
  • Cool and calm – beauty items, spa items, pleasure reading
  • In a green box – gardening tools, plants, gardening book – maybe just “green” energy
  • In the Kitchen – cooking items – baking items, cooking class  
  • Mystery Box – place various items in a box no one gets to see – like a total blind item bid 
  • Connect It – art like items, duct tape (because it fixes everything), ribbons, fun paper, paint and brushes, design pens or colored pencils
  • Spice It up – spices, BBQ, seasonings, sauces, mustards 
  • Win or Lose – sports items
  • Decorate & Prepare – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mardi Gras specific day theme with items to match

Any other questions, please do not hesitate to use contact Kimarie Mikleton at mikleton20@msn.com or 303.907.9577.

Kimarie Mikleton assistant to Vien Perez, Auction Chairperson