IMPORTANT!  Grab cash or a checkbook.  You can use a credit card, but it’s not an ideal way to pay. Why? We have poor internet connection in the auction room, so we have to complete credit card payment the next day. That means you can’t leave with your auction item on Tuesday night. Plus, you have to pay a service fee to use a credit card.


Arrive early. Why? Because you’ll want to make time to:

  1. Get your assigned bidding number as soon as you walk in the door. Why? Without it, you don’t be able to bid on amazing items like Dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Libby, a weekend getaway in Breckenridge, a section basket full of delectables, restaurant gift cards, a fun social “Happening”, and other enticing items.
  2. Take advantage of the chance to get a beautiful $20 portrait of your student in their concert attire from professional photographer Sara Cheng, with proceeds going to CCHS Band programs.
  3. Grab a quick and delicious meal from Chick-Fil-A, in the Fine Arts lobby. With proceeds going to the band, it’s just another way to support our program!

Note: The action listed above starts at 5pm, with the auction doors opening at 5:30 pm.


Start bidding!  It’s as easy as that.  Bidding closes at the end of the intermission after Symphonic Band 2 performs.

After the Wind Ensemble performance, check the posters to see if your bidding number is highlighted (which means you won at least one item!) then follow the posted signs to the payment area and then pick up your items.


Thank you for helping to “Build the Bridge to Excellence”!